Joining our Team

Potential Project is always looking for trainer candidates who have the qualifications to deliver our unique mindfulness-based organizational solutions, designed and developed specifically for organizations and working life.

We are currently looking for trainer candidates in the countries in which we are already present (see which countries here). In addition, we are also reviewing applications from Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. If you are not from any of these countries you can still submit an application, which will then be saved in our database for further consideration once we open recruitment in your country.

Application and Accreditation Process

Successful completion of our Trainer Training Program is a prerequisite for accreditation. Before committing to this, it is critical for potential candidates and Potential Project to make a realistic assessment whether applicants have the necessary corporate experience, credibility, current networks and sales aptitude to be successful in securing and delivering our organizational solutions.

You can read more about the qualifications we are looking for in a trainer candidate in the ‘Want to Join’ document. This also includes more information about the application process, our Trainer Training and accreditation process as well as our business model. We ask that all candidates read the document in full before submitting an application. At the end of the document you will find a link to submit an online Request for Information (application) which is a mandatory first step to be considered as a trainer candidate.