Our Clients

Our Clients

A More Effective Working Culture At Citrix

Podio, a branch of Citrix, was in the midst of a massive expansion where work effectiveness and stress management were crucial to succeed. Citrix engaged Potential Project to design a mindfulness training program. Through ten 1-hour sessions, the people at Citrix learned to mindfully deal with emails, meetings, priorities and other work skills to create conscious and effective work-flows.

I’ve let go of “action addiction” so instead of jumping into emails right away, I start the day prioritizing important tasks and completing at least one of them before getting to my inbox.
Casper Fabricius
Engineering Manager
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Global Collaboration With Herbert Smith Freehills, Melbourne

HSF wanted to foster greater global collaboration and connection to improve performance across newly merged offices. Focus and clarity were identified as key factors for achieving this goal.

The training itself was a fantastic way to bring teams together in a supportive and safe environment to focus on building skills such as focus and prioritizing, which in my view are fundamental to high performance in our global law firm environment. The continued use of mindfulness is proving critical for our people to not just manage in our fast world of increasing client and internal demands, but to grow and thrive. It helps achieve the mental space to enable the high level thinking our clients expect us to bring to help solve their unique challenges.
Sue Gilchrist
Partner, HSF
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Increasing Focus With One Of The World’s Largest Biotechs

One of the world’s largest biotech companies has defined one single purpose: Delivering highly effective medical solutions to people with illnesses. The personal effectiveness of each employee is the key for achieving that purpose. Employees were enrolled in Potential Project’s Corporate Based Mindfulness Training program which spanned over four months. They also participated in a study evaluating the program’s effects.

I am more at ease. I can better handle situations at work which were previously very energy consuming. I make more active choices, have increased my focus at work and I am happier.
Senior Leader
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Improving Health And Lives With Health New England

To support the Health New England mission of improving the health and lives of people in their community, the company introduced Potential Project’s Mindful Leadership program to their leadership team.

People have taken what they have learned in the program and brought it back to their homes and family. To me, as an employer, that is priceless. This program gives our people a chance to be part of our mission to improve the health and life of the people in our community. I cannot say enough good things about the Potential Project, and if someone would ask me “Would I invest the dollars again?”, – in a heartbeat.
Maura Mccaffrey
President & CEO, Health New England
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The Healthiest Insurance Company With IF Insurance

IF Insurance, one of the largest insurance companies in Europe, has a clear ambition: To become the healthiest insurance company, make work a source of energy, and develop the highest potential of each employee. Since 2008 IF Insurance has offered Corporate Based Mindfulness Training programs for employees in all divisions of the organization turning their ambition into reality.

I can’t think of any leadership training we have done that has had so much impact in such a short time.
Jesper Askjær
Head of IF Academy

I joined the program expecting that I would become more focused and productive. That has happened and I am grateful. However, I realized another much bigger change: my employees and I are becoming better human beings.
Thomas Berg
Former Sales Executive
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Improving Focus And Decision-Making With Carlsberg

During the global financial recession, Carlsberg faced significant layoffs and restructuring. They introduced Corporate Based Mindfulness Training on a large scale to support the remaining staff. For 12 months, leaders and staff participated in a full Corporate Based Mindfulness Training program. The program was researched by Singapore Management University who found significant improvements in focus and awareness as well as increased job satisfaction and loyalty to the company.

With the help of The Potential Project, we have become a more mindful organization. That is, an organization where people have the mental competence to think clearly, make the right decisions and act accordingly. We now experience more focus and effectiveness, less stress and a more open culture.
Kenneth Egelund Schmidt
Former CIO, Carlsberg Group
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Developing The Accenture Mindful Performance Program

Attention to detail, attention to the client and attention on the task determine the success of consultants. We live in an attention economy and in an always-on, multitasking consultancy environment – attention is under siege. Since 2014 Accenture and Potential Project have partnered to develop the Accenture Mindful Performance (AMP) program, to bring business performance and wellbeing to consultants, leaders and support staff with a highly flexible and scalable program including online delivery for up to 9 countries simultaneously, face-to-face as well as 1:1 coaching.

The training has helped me get a better night’s sleep and wake up more rested. I feel I am better at focusing on what I prioritize as important. I am physically and mentally where I prioritize to be, and I provide better presence for the people I’m with and greater efficiency. I feel less stressed as I have stopped trying to multitask.
Birgitte Ludvigsen
Account Executive Manager, Accenture
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Taking Employee Safety To A New Level With Headwaters

Most work incidents happen due to a lack of focus or awareness. Headwaters, a nationwide US construction company, addressed this issue by implementing Corporate Based Mindfulness Training for leadership and employees to create a culture of mindful Situational Awareness. In partnership with Potential Project, Headwaters train their staff to avoid incidents with potential human or environmental implications.

In operating big machinery, the risk of incidents will always be there. But mindfulness, combined with standard safety procedures takes safety to another level. Safety is a core value for us. With Potential Project we use mindfulness to enhance situational awareness which is absolutely vital in a safe environment. We are creating situational awareness subcommittees at each site, to utilize mindfulness and improve the safety of our people.
Kirk Benson
CEO, Headwaters
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High Performing Creative Teams At Landor

Successfully delivering high-level creative performance on complex projects in a “now-culture”. This is what Landor does every day. In order to do this, their people must be able to efficiently establish the mind-space to be creative under pressure. Therefore, Landor invested in a tailored 4-month Corporate Based Mindfulness Training program to strengthen their mental capacity to be creative. The results? Significantly improved creativity and decreased stress at the award-winning agency.

My enhanced concentration has significantly improved my overall creative output.
Nick Folley
President of Landor in Southeast Asia, Pacific and Japan