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Visionary Leadership and Organizational Excellence

Partnering with global, forward thinking companies, we are proud to be making a powerful impact on how organizations increase focus, productivity, well-being and innovation.

Together we create people centric cultures and truly visionary leadership for organizational excellence.

Our Leadership Solutions

We work with leaders to help create truly human leadership and people-centric organizations to ultimately deliver extraordinary business results. We help our clients develop organizations where their people find the meaning and purpose that truly engages and motivates them.

Our organizational Solutions

We partner with forward thinking companies with a sincere care for their people to develop high-performing individuals and teams. For over a decade we have been training and developing individuals and teams to radically improve performance, inspire innovation and enhance stress resilience.


Leadership teams and employees in 450+ organizations partner with us to develop sustainable high performance cultures. Third-party researchers at esteemed universities have found significant results

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Potential Project has developed a corporate and scientific approach to mindful organizational performance in partnership with leading researchers, senior executives and mindfulness experts.

The Mind of the Leader

How to lead yourself, your people and
your organization for extraordinary results

“The Mind of the Leader”, published by Harvard Business Review Press, is the result of a two-year study into understanding how leaders lead themselves, their people and their organizations for extraordinary results.

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Three key qualities of a leader

Leadership starts in the mind with understanding and managing ourselves and when we accomplish that, we can understand and manage our people and the culture in the organizations that we lead.
Based on interviews with 35.000 leaders we have defined three core qualities of long-term successful leadership.

Mindfulness – Being mentally agile and truly present with our people fosters long term organizational engagement.

Selflessness – Combining strong self-confidence with the intention to serve the greater interests of the organization– we inspire and enable our people.

Compassion – Setting positive intentions allows us to act rationally, have the difficult conversations and make the hard decisions that serve our organizations best. When we can do this; trust and collaboration flourish.

A massive potential
to be developed

With the speed of distractions today, our attention is under constant siege. We have entered the Attention Economy. A strong and clear focus is becoming the most valuable resource in today’s business. Research shows that 47% of the time we are mentally off-task. This leads to unproductive multitasking and action addiction – individually and organizationally.

The good news is: We can improve. The key is to train the mind to be more focused and clear. We do this through corporate based mindfulness training.